Left-handed sailors?


A recent collection of signatures from members of the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club revealed an unusually large number of “lefties.” Is the a coincidence, a sign of a good sailor, or a characteristic of people living in obscure places?

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  1. KDB says:

    A semi-educated guess:
    The whole problem of sailing is milking the maximum amount of energy from the potential difference in two different fluids moving in two different patterns, this is a very “right brain” task. If you have to figure the answer on paper you would use the left brain which controls the right hand. If you have to guess right now you will use the right brain that controls the left hand.
    A very high percent of astronauts are left handed because they tested them for ability to adapt to new situations; something lefties do best.
    A very high percent of cartoonists are left handed because combining verbal and visual information is also something the right brain does better.
    In short lefties excel at “holistic” tasks and fail at “linear” tasks.
    Sailing is a very holistic task.

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